March 13, 2018

Springfield, PA – Connie Williams, who served in the Pennsylvania State Senate from 2001 to 2009, announced today that she has endorsed Ashley Lunkenheimer’s congressional campaign.

“I’ve known Ashley Lunkenheimer since she was in high school and am delighted that she has decided to run for Congress,” Williams said. “Ashley has the ability, the energy, the intelligence, and the experience to be an exceptional representative for the citizens of the 5th Congressional district, and for the portion of Montgomery County and Lower Merion where I live.”

“Ashley has seen firsthand the impact that the lack of economic opportunity, the availability of drugs, and the epidemic of gun violence has had on so many of our communities. As a prosecutor she has dealt with the perpetrators; as a Congresswoman, she will work for laws that protect her constituents. More recently, her experience at AmeriHealth Caritas has given her a broad understanding of the importance of Medicaid for thousands of Pennsylvanians.”

“We need more women in Congress, and we especially need young mothers like Ashley—strong, smart, determined. I hope that the Montgomery County Democratic Committee will endorse her candidacy,” Williams concluded.

Williams spent 12 years representing the suburban Philadelphia community in the Pennsylvania State Legislature. She unseated incumbent Colleen Sheehan and served for two terms in the House before transitioning to the State Senate in 2001. Williams

“Connie has been a leader in our party for years, and I am grateful for the support of someone whose advocacy for children, working families, and the environment has been critical in generating progress in the Commonwealth,” Lunkenheimer said. “It is an honor to receive approval from someone who has exemplified the kind of strong female leadership I seek to bring to Congress.”

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of the Senate Life Sciences and Biotechnology Caucus, and a member of the Governor’s

Advisory Committee on Minority and Women Business Opportunities.

Lunkenheimer served for nearly a decade as a federal prosecutor in the US Attorney’s Office, where she played a key role in removing illegal firearms from the streets and protecting seniors from fraud. Afterward, she transitioned to work as Senior Counsel at AmeriHealth Caritas, where she helped implement a program to expand access to Medicaid and Medicare services for thousands of Pennsylvania seniors.

The primary election is scheduled for May 15, 2018. You can learn more about Ashley Lunkenheimer and her campaign by visiting