April 03, 2018

Springfield, PA - Today Ashley Lunkenheimer’s campaign for Congress announced that it raised more than $400,000 since Lunkenheimer entered the race on February 6.

In less than two full months of campaigning, Lunkenheimer has received support from more than 750 individual donors totaling 854 contributions. The campaign is powered by a broad and varied group of supporters, including approximately 57% of donations coming from women.

“It is immensely humbling to receive this volume of positive feedback from the community I hope to serve,” Lunkenheimer said. “I am proud of the breadth and integrity of our campaign’s efforts so far. We have refused money from fossil fuel and corporate PACs, relying on the enthusiasm and support of engaged individuals to drive the success of our campaign. I believe that our approach will allow me to serve my constituents honestly and unconditionally.”

The Ashley Lunkenheimer for Congress campaign will file its first quarter earnings with the Federal Elections Commission on April 15.

Lunkenheimer served for nearly a decade as a federal prosecutor in the US Attorney’s Office, where she played a key role in removing illegal firearms from the streets and protecting seniors from fraud. Afterward, she transitioned to work as Senior Counsel at AmeriHealth Caritas, where she helped implement a program to expand access to Medicaid and Medicare services for thousands of Pennsylvania seniors.

The primary election is scheduled for May 15, 2018. You can learn more about Ashley Lunkenheimer and her campaign by visiting