National Security and Foreign Policy

Our country is facing international threats that must be taken seriously and dealt with responsibly.

North Korea’s dictator is rapidly developing a nuclear arsenal capable of striking the United States. Russia is actively undermining our democracy while supporting Bashar-al-Assad’s brutal atrocities against the Syrian people. And Iran remains a serious security threat.

Now, more than ever, we need strong, measured leadership to deal with these threats. Yet, our president is making the threats worse while isolating us from the world. Donald Trump’s recklessness has inflamed the situation in North Korea; it has undermined our ability to investigate Russia’s meddling in our democracy, and to prevent future recurrences. The administration has treated Russian meddling so trivially that, despite Congress allocating $120 million to counter future election meddling efforts, the State Department has not spent a cent.

Meanwhile, Trump’s administration is reducing our State Department to a shell of what it once was—half of the top ranks of leadership at the State Department are gone. Seven of the Department’s top nine posts remain vacant, making it impossible to conduct its business to the full effectiveness that the American people deserve.

In Congress, I will be an assertive voice to hold the President and his administration accountable. I will work to strengthen and continually modernize our armed forces to maintain peace, while empowering and rebuilding our diplomatic corps to ensure that military force is the last resort.

Ultimately, America is safest and strongest when we stand behind our values and lead by example. We have a responsibility to promote democracy and human rights across the globe.