Jobs and Economy

As someone who grew up and is raising my family in Delaware County, I understand the region’s potential to become a national leader in economic growth and development, allowing people to work in better jobs and more comfortably raise their families.

Stabilizing the healthcare market by reversing the Republican partisan repeal of the individual mandate is not only a health priority but an economic one. Working families and individuals cannot afford for their premiums to continue to rise while their options fall, and fixing this will be my first priority.

While Republicans and the Trump administration have prioritized lining the pockets of their wealthiest donors, I believe that the economy needs to work for everyone, not just the richest citizens. Despite Republicans’ claim that their unnecessary tax giveaway would benefit all workers, less than 15 percent of corporate savings have been put toward employees. Meanwhile, more than $21 billion has been spent on stock buybacks and dividend increases. It’s clear that Republicans’ priority is enriching the rich, rather than going to work for all of America’s citizens. I will put the government back to work for all of us.

We must also invest in growth by better capitalizing on the potential of our educational institutions, and by creating economic empowerment zones. The Philadelphia region has one of the largest concentrations of colleges in the nation, while Delaware County Community College provides more than 40 certificate and apprenticeship programs. We should embrace and foster educational opportunity and business growth that provide our citizens increased upward mobility.

I support gender pay equality—in Delaware County, male employees made 1.35 times as much as female employees in 2015. This is unfair and unsustainable. I will work to reduce the pay gap, and I support raising the minimum wage so that all our citizens can earn a sustainable living from full-time work.

I am a strong proponent of unions, which protect and empower our workers, and my voting record in Congress will reflect that belief. The deterioration of protections for unions has coincided with a rise in healthcare costs and a stall in pay, making costs untenable. Unions deserve support from the government to empower their workers to pursue protected careers.

I am running for Congress because I believe government can and should foster economic opportunity for all people.